Signs + Symbols #captureyourgrief

Day 10

I’ve been looking forward to this prompt! Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE giraffes, and while most know that giraffes are our symbol for Ezekiel, most don’t know why.



The above pictures are us with Zeke while he was in his isolette. If you look closely you can see the giraffe logo on it in the first picture and the giraffe cover on it in the second. You see, the boys were both in “giraffe” isolettes and it is one of the very few things Zeke had during his short life and more so, one of the few things both he and Noel shared. I think between that and me just staring at giraffes for months straight it seems like the obvious choice.

We have little giraffe things all over the house now – a painting here, a figure there, some toys in one room, origami in another. It makes me smile. ❤

I swear I see giraffes everywhere now too! We went to the fair and there was someone showcasing their collection of giraffe things, and we saw a huge recycled metal giraffe on our way to the Mt. Rainier to hike. I can spot giraffe on clothes from a mile away too – Noel and I have the wardrobe to prove it. 😉

I also have the sweetest family and friends who share giraffe things with me on facebook, instagram, and text. I love it!


Our previous local zoo got a family (a father and two sons) of three giraffes the fall after the boys were born. I had a pass and Noel and I went often. I’m not even ashamed to say that I was so overwhelmed with emotion the first time I saw them I cried for about ten minutes. (picture above is proof) I’m sure everyone at the zoo thought I was crazy…

12814165_10205354755259239_4958843448941435822_n 10509605_10205354753499195_1848792111731578540_n

The boys’ first birthday was giraffe themed as well – it felt like a great way to remember and incorporate Zeke without overwhelming Noel’s day as well.


I suppose it may sound silly, but its almost like a hug or gentle reminder that it will all be okay and I’m on the right path when I see one.


Noel and I feeding Alan the giraffe at the San Antonio Zoo. It was fun to check off my bucket list! I swear, you don’t realize just how large these creatures are until you are right next to them.




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