Jamming on this Music Monday!

I recently discovered Peter Hollens and his wife Evynne and I have become *slightly* obsessed. 😉 As a told Paul “I like listening to popular music sung by better artists [than the original]” lol Hopefully, you will enjoy their singing as much as I have!


In other news, have you ever heard of Jamberry?? My friend Stacey recently started selling it, and I  LOVE them!! They are non-toxic, not tested on animals, made in the USA, require no dry time, and (my husband’s favorite) they have no harsh smell!! Plus, there are over 300 super cool designs including patterns, glitter, and solids!


My current ‘jamicure’! it is still going strong after a week!

IMG_7633 IMG_7635

This was from my Jamberry sample! I was able to get 4 finger nails and two toenails (I could have gotten more had I planned better) from just two wraps! You get 18 wraps on just one sheet!! Thats enough for 2 pedicures and 2-3 pedicures!


This is the above manicure after one week! As you can see, my OPI polish was really chipped while the Jamberrys were still looking good!


So, this pedicure only took two wraps and is still looking great after having been worn for over two weeks!

IMG_7762 IMG_7785

These are my lovely wraps I ordered from my friend’s launch party!

IMG_7790 IMG_7792 IMG_7795


The Southern Flare wrap (ring finger) is quickly becoming my favorite!!

So…If you are interested in ordering yourself some wraps, I am hosting an online party! Ordering opens today HERE and you will be able to order through my party through the 25th! Also, if you are on Facebook, I will be hosting a party over there too! It will run from the 11th-21st and have various games we can play every night! It is going to be so fun!!