Some Advice

I was recently asked to speak at a wedding shower for my dear SIL since I was recently a newly wed. 😉 I was quite honored to have been asked and starting thinking about what I would say. Below is what I came up with!

Hey I’m Sarah, and for those who don’t know me, I have been married to K’s brother Paul for 2 years come March. K, I am so excited for you! Marriage is totally awesome. 🙂

God is so good to His children, and He has certainly blessed us with the institution of Marriage. Proverbs 18:22 says that ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord’. K – you are M’s good thing! I love that realization!

I’ll be honest with you, even though marriage is so, so good, it is hard. I remember people telling me that the 1st year of marriage is always the hardest. Let me put that to rest right now – it isn’t true. This second year has been quite a bit harder than the first. I was recently informing my Father of this fact and he told me that the first 7 years are the hardest…I’ll let you know in five years! lol The first year is full of learning, and just when you think you know everything there could possibly be to know about your husband, something new emerges – I have talked to people who have been married for over 20 years, and they said they are still learning things! So, never stop learning.

In the next fews years, You will be learning to live with this new person who has entirely different likes, dislikes, upbringing, lifestyle, and culture. It can all be a bit of a shock – I cannot stress the importance of communication enough! Be honest – even when you’re scared to be, Talk often – about everything, pick your battles, and never EVER use the ‘D’ word nor even joke about leaving/kicking out. Don’t just talk – communicate. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and prayers during the rough patches. Talking to your pastor or a good christian counselor is never a bad idea! Remember – the hard times will come and go, but the two of you are forever.

Support your husband’s dreams, ideas, and interests. It is because of Paul that I love legos and the Seahawks so much! It never hurts to give that video game a try 😉 and you just may like it! Be M’s biggest fan, let him know that you approve of him and are proud of him. Never talk negatively about him to anyone!

Some of the best advice I ever received was to be grateful for everything – even the things that may annoy you. I will always remember my mom saying that she is grateful for my dad’s snoring – it means he’s there. When his snoring wakes her up, she just prays for it to be a lullaby for her to fall asleep to. Life is fleeting – be thankful!

Something I’ve been learning recently that goes along with thankfulness is to choose joy. Weddings and honeymoons are extremely joyful times, but there will be a day two years from now when you will be doing some chore wondering why must I always do ___ <– that is when you must pray to choose joy 🙂

Finally, Like each other. You know how people say that you can love someone without liking them – that is true. Love and like are very different, and just one of those two isn’t good enough. Love your husband, and like the person he is. I pray you have a long and blessed marriage! Love you!





How about you? What was the best piece of marriage advice you have ever received? What would you tell a newlywed?IMG_5281