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Our Lives these Past Two Weeks

Whoo! These past two weeks have been CRAZY! Thankfully things have been pretty chill this weekend, so I’ve been catching up on my Etsy orders! 🙂

Fair warning – there are quite a few selfies in this post. lol. I’m trying to make sure everything is documented!

So, last week I had my monitoring appointments on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thankfully my body seemed to respond pretty well to the stimulation meds and my doctor never had to up any of my doses! I’m thinking this may have helped cut down on side effects as the only ones I really had were headaches.


Aren’t these socks rad? I got them from ThinkGeek! 😉


Baseline Selfie!


Paul and I got to practice giving shots on these things. I think it helped. 😉


Crazy Meds! It seems so overwhelming at first! I am amazed at how quickly one adapts to this kind of stuff.


These are the needles Paul is currently sticking into me every night! #ouch #paininthebutt #heisdoingagoodjobthoug


First Follistim injection selfie! Pardon the lack of makeup, it was 5:45 am!


I am in love with my new shirt from Sevenly. I felt it was a very timely design for me & part of the proceeds went to a good cause!


Paul being his awesome self and giving me a foot massage. I have been so blessed by this man y’all! I couldn’t imagine going through all this without his help and support. God is good. 🙂


Pre-Op selfie! (or groupie? duoie? what is it called when 2 people take a selfie?)


He loves kisses – I promise. 😉


More rad socks! Love the flamingos!


Another doctor office selfie!


And one more! Excited to learn that we would be triggering soon!

Stims check list! The trigger shot was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!


A gift I knitted for our doctor! She loved it!

Paul’s status after our trigger shot! #hescute 🙂


Egg retrieval! So ready to get things going!


He humors me. :*


More socks! These were some I got from a TTC sister through a TTC exchange! If you want to participate in one, check out more info here. This one is bound to be super fun! You have till the 13th to sign up!


Cute Hubby! I was becoming kinda out of it at this point, but thought I was totally awake. This mindset continued for the rest of the day. 😛


I also recall this bed being comfy and loving the blanket.


My sexy bracelets.


and my sexy hairnet. I also thought I was super awake here…


Trying to read my book before and after the procedure. I managed to finish a few chapters.


Since I haven’t posted any pictures of the girls lately, here is Ash!


And Ember! They are both still as awesome and crazy as ever. 😉


Whoo! Paul and I waiting to find out how our embryos were doing! The egg retrieval went great and they got 19 eggs! Out of those 19, 12 were mature and 10 fertilized! Praise God, these numbers were way better than I was hoping for!


So excited that our embryos are doing wonderfully! As of Thursday, we had 4 grade A embryos and multiple grade B ones! After talking to the doctor, she recommended either transferring two embryos on thursday or waiting till saturday and transferring one. Thankfully, Paul and I were one the same page, so after 30 seconds of discussion, we chose to transfer two perfect 8A embryos! God has truly had His hand in this! The doctor and embryologist both said that our cycle went as perfectly as they could have hoped! Now we are just waiting to see if it is God’s will for these little embryos to stick! If you could remember us in prayer these next few weeks, it would be much appreciated! Obviously, we long for this cycle to be successful, but above all, we want God’s will for our lives. This can be so hard to remember sometimes.


First family picture! lol 😉


So, you can’t *technically* see the embryos in this picture. The little white dot you are seeing is the two embryos and the fluid they have been living in. It is crazy how much you can love two tiny little things!


After our embryo transfer, we went to celebrate at our favorite restaurant! This is where we came after we got engaged, for my last two birthdays, and anytime family is in town. LOVE this place!


My plate (it took multiple sittings to eat – Paul says I can’t say I’m eating for three just yet lol) 😉

So, that pretty much sums up our lives of late. I had a couple job interviews and they went really well! Just waiting to hear about some last few details before this are official. So, hopefully more on that later. 😉 We are also pre-selling awareness bracelets on our GoFundMe page. We are currently shopping around for the best place to purchase those from. Hopefully we will start mailing those out by the end of the month! Thank you all again for your love and support! We feel it! We do continue to ask that you will keep us in your prayers. Love you all!



Got Milk?

‘Cause after this post, you’re gonna need it 😉

Do you ever have those moments where you need a cookie? and by “need” I mean “GIVE ME A COOKIE NOW BEFORE SOMEONE DIES!”

When one is having a moment like that, it is safe to assume that making cookie dough, letting it chill, and then baking it will take way to long therefore resulting in someone’s death. Not cool.

So I am here to save that person’s life. AND give you cookies. #Yayme?

5 minute Cookies.

photo (2)

Follow THIS LINK for the complete recipe.


I know they look strange, but I promise they are tasty!







p.s. To the person whose life I saved through this post~you’re welcome. 😉