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The 12 Days of Waiting…

Whew! Seven days down, five to go! I gotta admit, this whole “TWW” (two{ish} week wait) is actually about as hard as I thought it would be. There are times during the day when I just feel so at peace about everything, that it will be okay either way, then I sneeze and start worrying if it is at all possible for the embryos to fall out of me… <siiiigh>.

I seriously have this inner monologue going – “Oh crap. Was that a cramp? Maybe it wasn’t a cramp. Oh, yup, cramping. Wait! This could be good! This could be implantation, right?? Oh no! What if it isn’t! What if I’m PMSing! Oh Noooooo!!! …Oh, wait… yup. Just gas.” πŸ˜›

A part of me wants this wait to be over, but the closer we get to it being over, the less I want to be there. I love ‘feeling’ pregnant. Granted, most of that is from the meds, but there is just something about knowing that there potentially are two little lives inside of me is really nice. I mean, It the test is positive, great! But, if it isn’t, I’m not sure I’m ready for all this to end.

So, what do I do when I can’t seem to calm down? Pray, read scripture, pin verses, and listen my Instrumental Hymns Pandora Station.

Below are some of the things I’ve been pinning. I do not own any of these images, I found them all onΒ Pinterest.


Cast_Cares Dear_God Do_Not_Worry



Fight_for_you How_Great_Thou_Art I_Know_The_Plans

In_Christ_Alone Trust_In_You Well_With_My_Soul

My Symptoms @7DP3DT

  • Sleepiness
  • Micro-pimples/breakouts
  • Cranky & Irritable
  • Sore Breasts
  • Food Aversions
  • Food Cravings
  • Warmness/Hot Flashes
  • Bloating
  • Vivid Dreams (I am now scared of Alligators… :|)

Granted, most (if not all) of these could be from the meds and stress, but I figured it’d be good to document them either way. πŸ˜‰

So, for the next five days, I will continue to hope, pray, and overanalyze everything. πŸ˜‰ Thank you all for bearing with me. Love you!


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Our Lives these Past Two Weeks

Whoo! These past two weeks have been CRAZY! Thankfully things have been pretty chill this weekend, so I’ve been catching up on my Etsy orders! πŸ™‚

Fair warning – there are quite a few selfies in this post. lol. I’m trying to make sure everything is documented!

So, last week I had my monitoring appointments on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thankfully my body seemed to respond pretty well to the stimulation meds and my doctor never had to up any of my doses! I’m thinking this may have helped cut down on side effects as the only ones I really had were headaches.


Aren’t these socks rad? I got them from ThinkGeek! πŸ˜‰


Baseline Selfie!


Paul and I got to practice giving shots on these things. I think it helped. πŸ˜‰


Crazy Meds! It seems so overwhelming at first! I am amazed at how quickly one adapts to this kind of stuff.


These are the needles Paul is currently sticking into me every night! #ouch #paininthebutt #heisdoingagoodjobthoug


First Follistim injection selfie! Pardon the lack of makeup, it was 5:45 am!


I am in love with my new shirt from Sevenly. I felt it was a very timely design for me & part of the proceeds went to a good cause!


Paul being his awesome self and giving me a foot massage. I have been so blessed by this man y’all! I couldn’t imagine going through all this without his help and support. God is good. πŸ™‚


Pre-Op selfie! (or groupie? duoie? what is it called when 2 people take a selfie?)


He loves kisses – I promise. πŸ˜‰


More rad socks! Love the flamingos!


Another doctor office selfie!


And one more! Excited to learn that we would be triggering soon!

Stims check list! The trigger shot was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!


A gift I knitted for our doctor! She loved it!

Paul’s status after our trigger shot! #hescute πŸ™‚


Egg retrieval! So ready to get things going!


He humors me. :*


More socks! These were some I got from a TTC sister through a TTC exchange! If you want to participate in one, check out more info here. This one is bound to be super fun! You have till the 13th to sign up!


Cute Hubby! I was becoming kinda out of it at this point, but thought I was totally awake. This mindset continued for the rest of the day. πŸ˜›


I also recall this bed being comfy and loving the blanket.


My sexy bracelets.


and my sexy hairnet. I also thought I was super awake here…


Trying to read my book before and after the procedure. I managed to finish a few chapters.


Since I haven’t posted any pictures of the girls lately, here is Ash!


And Ember! They are both still as awesome and crazy as ever. πŸ˜‰


Whoo! Paul and I waiting to find out how our embryos were doing! The egg retrieval went great and they got 19 eggs! Out of those 19, 12 were mature and 10 fertilized! Praise God, these numbers were way better than I was hoping for!


So excited that our embryos are doing wonderfully! As of Thursday, we had 4 grade A embryos and multiple grade B ones! After talking to the doctor, she recommended either transferring two embryos on thursday or waiting till saturday and transferring one. Thankfully, Paul and I were one the same page, so after 30 seconds of discussion, we chose to transfer two perfect 8A embryos! God has truly had His hand in this! The doctor and embryologist both said that our cycle went as perfectly as they could have hoped! Now we are just waiting to see if it is God’s will for these little embryos to stick! If you could remember us in prayer these next few weeks, it would be much appreciated! Obviously, we long for this cycle to be successful, but above all, we want God’s will for our lives. This can be so hard to remember sometimes.


First family picture! lol πŸ˜‰


So, you can’t *technically* see the embryos in this picture. The little white dot you are seeing is the two embryos and the fluid they have been living in. It is crazy how much you can love two tiny little things!


After our embryo transfer, we went to celebrate at our favorite restaurant! This is where we came after we got engaged, for my last two birthdays, and anytime family is in town. LOVE this place!


My plate (it took multiple sittings to eat – Paul says I can’t say I’m eating for three just yet lol) πŸ˜‰

So, that pretty much sums up our lives of late. I had a couple job interviews and they went really well! Just waiting to hear about some last few details before this are official. So, hopefully more on that later. πŸ˜‰ We are also pre-selling awareness bracelets on our GoFundMe page. We are currently shopping around for the best place to purchase those from. Hopefully we will start mailing those out by the end of the month! Thank you all again for your love and support! We feel it! We do continue to ask that you will keep us in your prayers. Love you all!



Jamming on this Music Monday!

I recently discovered Peter Hollens and his wife Evynne and I have become *slightly* obsessed. πŸ˜‰ As a told Paul “I like listening to popular music sung by better artists [than the original]” lol Hopefully, you will enjoy their singing as much as I have!


In other news, have you ever heard of Jamberry?? My friend Stacey recently started selling it, and I Β LOVE them!! They are non-toxic, not tested on animals, made in the USA, require no dry time, and (my husband’s favorite) they have no harsh smell!! Plus, there are over 300 super cool designs including patterns, glitter, and solids!


My current ‘jamicure’! it is still going strong after a week!

IMG_7633 IMG_7635

This was from my Jamberry sample! I was able to get 4 finger nails and two toenails (I could have gotten more had I planned better) from just two wraps! You get 18 wraps on just one sheet!! Thats enough for 2 pedicures and 2-3 pedicures!


This is the above manicure after one week! As you can see, my OPI polish was really chipped while the Jamberrys were still looking good!


So, this pedicure only took two wraps and is still looking great after having been worn for over two weeks!

IMG_7762 IMG_7785

These are my lovely wraps I ordered from my friend’s launch party!

IMG_7790 IMG_7792 IMG_7795


The Southern Flare wrap (ring finger) is quickly becoming my favorite!!

So…If you are interested in ordering yourself some wraps, I am hosting an online party! Ordering opens today HERE and you will be able to order through my party through the 25th! Also, if you are on Facebook, I will be hosting a party over there too! It will run from the 11th-21st and have various games we can play every night! It is going to be so fun!!



Mississippi (Part 2) #frozenbeachtrip

WARNING: Image heavy post! May cause beach cravings! lol


My beverage of choice for the trip! Seriously, they sell this 3-pack at Sam’s Club and it tastes like summer! Yum! πŸ™‚


I had so much fun reconnecting with an old friend, getting to know a new friend, and hanging with my family.


Getting ready to sing “Let it Go” πŸ˜€ Though the theme song for our trip turned out to be “Tonight You Belong With Me”

Also, if you haven’t seen this videoΒ yet, do so now! Ahh, The cuteness!!


#butfirstletmetakeaselfie πŸ˜›



Passing the USS Mobile


The gorgeous view from our condo (and one of three pools!) I LOVED hanging out on the balcony-it was the perfect place to have quiet time. The sound of the waves at night was so relaxing!


A panoramic view from our balcony…


Mermaid Elizabeth!

IMG_7287 IMG_7291 IMG_7292 IMG_7295 IMG_7296 IMG_7297

The water was perfect! We spent hours in it searching for shells!

IMG_7301 IMG_7302

My sweet Mother and Grandmother at Lambert’s Cafe. The food and service was great! We had so much fun catching the rolls!

IMG_7303Β IMG_7309

Enjoying some girl time and Bible study on the balcony.

IMG_7311 IMG_7312 IMG_7317

Our shell collection! We spent most of the day either searching for shells or tanning/napping on the beach listening to our Beach Boys Pandora station.

IMG_7321 IMG_7322


Our Shell Loot!

IMG_7323 IMG_7324 IMG_7325


IMG_7326 IMG_7328 IMG_7330



The Hangout! This was my favorite place that we went to! I really enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and live music (even though the group playing was terrible imo). πŸ˜‰

IMG_7335 IMG_7337 IMG_7338 IMG_7339 IMG_7341

Hanging loose at the Hangout!


The “Wish Wall” at the Hangout. Of course I put a wish in the wall – any guesses as to what it said? πŸ˜‰



We ended the trip at the outlet mall. (Though we really spent most of the time visiting at Starbucks πŸ™‚ ) It was such a wonderful relaxing trip! I so enjoyed getting to be with friends and family!


Mississippi (Part 1): Family, Graduation, and Sno Cones

I recently took a wonderful two week vacation to go back home for my sister Hannah’s graduation! I’m so proud of her! She graduated top of her class and was also voted most beautiful, most funny, most likely to succeed, Β most athletic, and most handsome…wait. what? Oh yeah, she was homeschooled! πŸ˜‰

Moving on from my lame attempt at a joke, I really am proud of her! She was a very diligent student and got a full scholarship to a local college where she will be pursuing an arts degree in the fall.

A huge event like a graduation is a great time to visit since I get to see a lot of people at one time! I was able to visit with friends and family I hadn’t seen since my wedding! I even bumped into a kid i used to babysit who is now TALLER than me! (Granted, that’s not hard to do, I’m only taller than my youngest sibling now…Its sad πŸ˜‰ )

Without further ado, PICTURES!


The planes into and out of Mississippi are sooo tiny!


My/Mom’s mini dachshund, Dolly!


I love these next few pictures of E. πŸ˜€ I asked her to sing “First Time in Forever” while I took pictures…

IMG_7207IMG_7208 IMG_7211 IMG_7215 IMG_7216


Dolly cracks me up! She has created little beds/burrows all throughout the house.


She seems to have forgiven me for leaving


The balloon arch! These things are waaay harder to put together than one might think based on the instructions


Dad’s birthday cake


We were going to put all 51 30 candles on Dad’s cake, but ‘someone’ got tired halfway through…


Nessa, Jo, Hannah, Me, and LA – Love these girls!

IMG_7234 IMG_7257

LA, Hannah, Nessa, and I getting the best Sno Cones in the WORLD! Seriously, I have yet to find a better place ANYWHERE!


The Sno Cone Gang


So yummy!

IMG_7244 IMG_7245 IMG_7246Β Β IMG_7254


What do you mean this is the end of part one?!?

Beach post coming soon! πŸ˜‰


Does It Get Better?

I was recently talking to a newly married friend’s mom and during our conversation I remarked that I would love to tell her daughter leaving her family gets easier, but it doesn’t. That got me to thinking…is what I said true?

In some respects it is. It sucks to live so far away from my family. I miss them. I miss talking to my mom and shopping with my sister. I miss not having to do all the chores and the noise of someone always being around. I cry every time I have to leave my family (or they leave) to come home.

That said, I wouldn’t trade being married for anything! I love being a wife! Sure, being an adult and having all these responsibilities can suck, but I have grown and learned so much. Plus, I REALLY like my husband! πŸ˜‰ Also, it has been good for us to live away from both of our families. It has forced us to depend on each other and to work things through on our own. It also makes our visits with family that much sweeter! πŸ™‚

So, back to my question, ‘does it get easier?’ I’d have to say yes, yes it does. It is easier to shop by myself now, it is easier to drive around this strange, huge city without a GPS, it has become easier to hang out at the house by myself and find things to stay busy. I cry a little less when I leave Mississippi. I cook, clean, menu plan, work, hang out with friends, go to the doctor, etc. – All these thing terrified me to do by myself when I first moved here! I have managed to create a life here in a place that to years ago was as foreign to me as a different country! I have learned a lot about myself by being out of my comfort zone, and doing new things has become natural.

I wish to retract my statement.

To all you new brides living hours or days away from ‘home’, I want you to know this – It is still hard to be away and I still miss my friends and family back home, but it does indeed get better. Use this time to solidify and define your marriage and to grow closer to your husband and God. Be involved in your church, look for like minded friends and make an effort to get together! Enjoy being able to cook whatever you like! πŸ˜‰ Marriage and living in a new town is an adventure! Β Embrace it!