About Me

Hello, I’m Sarah! Welcome to my blog – please, let me introduce myself to you!

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I was born and raised in the Deep South, and I was home educated 2nd grade – 12th. I was a nanny and worked retail before becoming a SAHM. I love Starbucks, Star Wars, ice cream, history, TV shows, reading, football, knitting, cross stitching, and crocheting!

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I got married to my best friend Paul at 18 after a wonderful courtship and marriage has been the most amazing adventure ever!

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We are also dealing with infertility. You can read a little about our diagnosis here. We were able to achieve pregnancy in 2014 through a round of IVF.

We then gave birth to twin boys – Ezekiel who is in heaven and Noel who is here with us. ❤





One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey Fuzzy
    Didn’t see a way to e-mail you so I’ll post here. Not sure how you even popped up but I was Googling something and one of the things on the drop down list was seach The Fuzzy Kiwi for whatever it was. I thought this was going to search my hard drive or something since I’ve been fuzzykiwi@mindspring.com for about 15 years or so. Recently changed to fuzzykiwi2@gmail.com so I won’t be always tied to one internet provider. Anywho the reason I’m writing is first Yea for being believers I’m a Christian also and its good to find other saints esp. Kiwi ones 😀 And Yea for your hubby being in the Air Force I was also and spent almost all my time in one part of TX or another. Some really amazing churches and believers in TX . I’m living in TN now and go to http://gracetn.org/. One of the families in our church wanted a bigger family and ended up going with embryo adoption. As you look at ways you’d like to increase your family you can read about their experiences at
    You may have to scroll back a bit to get to what all was involved with the adoption and all.

    OK Just wanted to say hi then.
    God’s Grace
    as one kiwi to another

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