Our First Married Christmas

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Paul and I had a very lovely and quiet first married christmas. 🙂 We went to our first Christmas Eve service at our church, slept in on Christmas day, opened gifts (Paul outdid himself and got me the Hunger Games trilogy and a MacBook Air! <squeal> {my old computer was dying fast}), and had breakfast.


Our “Christmas Trash Container”


OUr Frist Christmas Tree




Sock Monkey!

IMG_2681 IMG_2682

The New Seahawks Jersey Paul got me


Yay Seahawks!






Ninja Cookie Cutters


Awesome Salt and Pepper Shakers

IMG_2733 IMG_2735

My Sweet MacBook AIr


The awesome cover Paul got me.

I’m going to pause here for a moment… Breakfast is a tradition both of our families had growing up. My family would always eat cinnamon rolls, and Paul’s family would have creamy scrambled eggs and coffee cake. So, we figured creamy scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls would be a good compromise. Sadly, I did not get any pics of our breakfast 😦

We were also able to Skype with our families!


Later christmas evening we went and saw Les Miserables. (I need to write a full review for it, but in the meantime let say this: It was a really good movie with a message, but there were some mature things in it. I would like to see it again, but it is most certainly not for younger audiences. {also, I was unfamiliar with the book before watching the movie. I’m now on the hunt for a good audiobook version of it}) The music was AMAZING! I was surprised that many of the cast could sing as well as they did. I left the theater singing, and came home to look up the music on YouTube. (FYI~The entire 25th anniversary concert is available on youtube for free)

I keep going around the house singing

“Red! The Blood of angry men!
Black! The dark of ages past!
Tea! A drink with jam and bread!
Black! The night that ends at last!”

#lesmismeetssoundofmusic 😉

I’m now slowly trying to get my house back in shape from the holidays, Paul has returned to work, but I’m off until the 7th!

What I’ve been knitting! It is a long term project, but I’m looking forward to posting my progress each week!


Hexipuffs! Aren’t they cute? Eventually they will be sewn together into a quilt for our bedroom.

How was your christmas? What did you get? What traditions do you have?



Our San Antonio “Stay-cation”

Since friday the 21st was our “we got engaged a year ago” anniversary, I kidnapped Paul and took him on a long-awaited date to the Cheesecake factory.



After stuffing our faces with buffalo blasts, pasta, and (of course) cheesecake, Paul took me to a late night showing of the Hobbit. I. LOVE. THAT. MOVIE. Paul and I have seen it twice-once in IMAX 3D HFR and once in the standard version. If you get the chance to see it in HFR, I highly recommend it!


Saturday, we spontaneously decided to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with some friends. While the leg room was lacking for the taller folks (I have never been so happy to be 5’2″) the show was spectacular. Loud, but spectacular. The lights were CRAZY and the pyrotechnics were very pleasing to this pyromaniac. 😉

IMG_2606 IMG_2614 IMG_2600 IMG_2611

Paul and I ended up leaving the show about 15 minutes early to head to Sea World.


All of their Christmas decorations were up, so we strolled around for a bit looking at all of them.

IMG_2616 IMG_2630

IMG_2670 IMG_2667 IMG_2664

Though I was terrified, I convinced Paul to ride the “Steel Eel” with me. This was the first roller coaster I had ever ridden, and I was so scared while riding it that I have not been able to bring myself to ride another until yesterday. Good news: I didn’t die! Bad news: It was as scary as I remembered it being.



Well, Paul dared me to ride “The Great White“. Unfortunately, I have a problem turning down dares. 😛 I was so scared before the ride began I almost got off, but Paul made me stay on. I have never IN MY LIFE been as scared as I was before the ride began. Honestly, I’m really glad I didn’t get off. The ride was so much fun, Paul and I rode it another two times! (We would have gone again, but our show was about to start)

Playing a Carnival Game.

IMG_2623 IMG_2621

The Penguins we won (I named them Mr. & Mrs. P)



IMG_2624 IMG_2626

Shamu Christmas Miracle: Cute show, wish it had been longer. The orcas were really fun to watch.

IMG_2636 IMG_2654



Though exausting, I had a great start to my Christmas vacation! Can’y wait until Tuesday!




Has it Really Been a Year?!?

My, how time has flown! Today, December 21st, 2012, is the one year anniversary of when Paul asked me to marry him. (It is also my parents 21st anniversary…happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!)

So, to celebrate this special day, I decided to post our engagement story from our wedding website. I’m hoping to post the video later if I can find it…

(Also, I have been trying to get Hannah to write her side of this story for a year…)



From Sarah:     My sister Hannah and I were flying to Texas to see Paul and then go meet his family. I had absolutely NO IDEA that Paul was going to propose on this trip.

397944_2294875022218_815537997_n395338_2294874182197_649767401_n 383030_2294874782212_1688232295_n

Hannah and I had left New Orleans EARLY that morning and got into Texas around 9:30 or so. We got off the plane and headed out. Much to my dismay, someone (you know who you are 😉 ) had to take a bathroom break instead of rushing with me to go see Paul. lol. Little did I know that this person knew that Paul was planning to propose at the airport, and she was supposed to video it. 🙂

We finally make it out and head down the escalator when I see him.

Paul was standing there with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of orange (my favorite color) roses! I ran over and gave him a hug and he took my luggage and had me carry the flowers. (Poor Hannah was left to fend for herself)


We then went and grabbed our checked luggage…well, Paul grabbed mine. He had given me his keys and asked for me to pop open the trunk of his car so he could load all of our stuff.

We make it out to his car, and I pop open the trunk, but it only opened slightly. I walk over to it and lift the lid of the trunk up and there is the awesomest sign ever!!! Paul had made a sign with “Sarah will you marry me?” written on it taped upright in the trunk.


I gasp and start nodding and squeaking “Yes! Yes!” as I turn towards Paul.

He is kneeling there with my dream ring in his hand and asks me again to marry him.

I responded with a YES! 😀

He then motioned towards the ring in his hand “This is for you…”

I nodded

“Do you want to try is on?”

More nodding on my part.


He put it on my finger and it fit perfectly! We hugged and told each other ‘I love you’ for the very first time ever. Paul then loaded the luggage and we got in the car, but the surprises weren’t over yet! There in my seat were two tickets to go see Mission Impossible IV in 3D at the Imax on the riverwalk! I had been dying to see it, so I was even more excited, if that was at all possible! 😉 (don’t worry, Hannah had a ticket too) We then topped the day off with Ben and Jerry’s.

403580_2294876422253_1874764987_n 392286_2294875822238_1961789721_n 380926_2294876142246_230054244_n




The Proposal, Paul’s Perspective

It’s risky business any time a man asks a woman to spend the rest of her life with him. My story is no different than the profusion of love stories the world sees every day, except for one thing. None of them include Sarah. Seriously – Sarah is worth every minute of the risk, the challenge, and the excitement.

Sarah and I had been courting for 4 months, and we had made plans to go and visit my family in Washington over Christmas. As the time for the trip approached, I heard from Sarah’s dad that I had the all-clear to propose at any place and time of my choosing. After conferring with him and the family, the plan finally was settled that I would ask Sarah to marry me in San Antonio, which was the jumping off point before our trip to Washington. By the time any of this started to materialize, I only had two weeks until the day Sarah and her sister arrived in San Antonio. God was gracious during the preparation, and I was able to obtain Sarah’s ring – from the same place her father bought the ring he gave her mother! I made Sarah a huge orange poster asking her to marry me, ensuring there were plenty of options for her to choose from – as if she could choose anything but ‘Yes,’ right? 🙂 Orange roses were not the easiest to find, but God finally put some in my hands the day before she flew in.

When the day of the proposal arrived, I guess I was a bit nervous. Yeah, nervous enough to arrive at the airport a whole hour before her flight arrived. I can never be sure how traffic between my home and the airport is, so I left plenty early. After parking, I put the sign in the trunk, with the intention of making Sarah open it.

Around 9:15 am, the plane arrived and the girls got off the plane. I met Sarah at the bottom of the escalator with the orange roses I knew she’d love. The hug she gave me was much nicer than any of the roses I could give her! 😉 It was a bit challenging trying to control my facial expressions as I manipulated the situation to set her up to open the trunk… but it all worked! Hannah and I carried the luggage, poor Hannah struggling to maintain the equilibrium of her luggage and still hang onto the video camera she had in her other hand. We made it to the car, and Sarah hit the trunk button on the key fob. As planned, the trunk only popped up an inch or so, forcing Sarah to walk up to it and move it up. Her face went from excited-to-be-in-San-Antonio to OH-MY-GOODNESS faster ‘n you can say ‘Whoa!’ Sarah normally is the kind of person who expresses excitement very vocally, often with squeals, jumping up and down, etc. Not this time. She covered her mouth, started nodding, and said ‘Yes’ repeatedly, in a whispery sort of way. The kind of way you would see when someone opens their mouth to talk but no sound comes out. It took probably close to 3-4 minutes (that’s what it felt like, anyway) before I could get her to take the ring and put it on. I finally had to say, “You know this is yours, right? Did you want to try it on?” Sarah was so quiet that day. She finally started talking again late in the afternoon. I’m so grateful she said ‘Yes!’


The rest of the story is just a repeat of the history of most people who get married, I suppose. We had a wonderful day around San Antonio, and our trip to Washington was awesome, and the visit with family was incredible. We look forward to spending our wedding day seeing you and sharing our joy with you!


Got Milk?

‘Cause after this post, you’re gonna need it 😉

Do you ever have those moments where you need a cookie? and by “need” I mean “GIVE ME A COOKIE NOW BEFORE SOMEONE DIES!”

When one is having a moment like that, it is safe to assume that making cookie dough, letting it chill, and then baking it will take way to long therefore resulting in someone’s death. Not cool.

So I am here to save that person’s life. AND give you cookies. #Yayme?

5 minute Cookies.

photo (2)

Follow THIS LINK for the complete recipe.


I know they look strange, but I promise they are tasty!







p.s. To the person whose life I saved through this post~you’re welcome. 😉