Beautiful Mysteries #captureyourgrief

Day 8

I never realized until I had lost a child just how many people have experienced this.

It’s not something you just know – people don’t usually go around just telling the world they lost a baby. It is almost a ‘taboo’ topic in our society – though many are trying to change that.

1 in 4 will loose a child. This means that about a quarter of the people you come across in a day are grieving in one way or another and you’d never know it. All those beautiful children who were lost and are loved and known to only a few.

Since sharing Zeke’s story I have had many people share their own with me. It is always that ones I don’t expect too, and I don’t feel like I go around blurting it out. As I shared yesterday, when people ask how many kids I have I tell them two – one in heaven and one on earth.

I am so glad to that others feel comfortable sharing with me. That they allow me a glimpse into their souls and an opportunity to love their baby too. The look in their eyes as they talk often mirrors the feelings I have.

I haven’t forgotten a single story.

I truly believe there is healing in sharing.

I have prayed many times since April 6, 2015  that God would use me and our story in others’ lives. I’m not sure if listening is it, but I feel it is a big part. People and their stories are a beautiful mystery I never would have glimpse if it weren’t for my own pain. Now I hope to continue to see others and love them. To let them know their story matters too – no matter if, when, or how they decide to share it.



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