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Hello, October! (and a ton of updates)

Hey Everyone!! Sorry I haven’t been blogging – I have sat down to write a post multiple times, but Netflix recently updated I have been busy with Etsy orders & a little distracted! 😉

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support we received after my last post! I was utterly amazed and I love you all! Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us! I may not have replied to everyone, but know that I appreciate it and I’m praying for y’all! 🙂

So, for those wondering, here is an update on our IVF cycle! We started BCPs September 7th, and I took those for two weeks. Then on the 23rd, I had my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound, we picked up all our meds, and had our class on what all they will be doing and how to give shots! Whoo! There was a lot of info to take in!

We started ‘stimming’ (stimulating my ovaries in hopes that they will produce more than one egg 😉 ) on the 26th and then I had multiple monitoring appointments on tuesday, thursday, and friday this week! The monitoring appointments at my clinic are kinda first come-first served, so there was a lot of getting up a 4:30 to get ready so I would look pretty. <Yawn> I miss caffeine!  😉 lol

I started out giving myself one shot of Follistim in the a.m. and a shot of Micro-dose HCG in the p.m. After my appointment tuesday, my doctor wanted me to add in Ganirelix in the morning. So far I have given myself 22 shots in my stomach! It is crazy how quickly you become accustomed to it! I actually had to give myself a shot while waiting for my food at Sonic – that was interesting!

So, everything is looking good! I actually feel really good as well – I didn’t really experience any side effects until thursday and even the ones I have are fairly mild. Thankfully, my body is responding very well to the original doses of meds, so there wasn’t a need to increase anything! (yay!!)

Now for the exciting stuff! We will be triggering tonight! (The trigger shot is a large dose of HCG given intramuscularly to help mature my follicles and get them ready to be released!) This means that my egg retrieval will be monday morning & embryo transfer will be either thursday or saturday! Then we will continue shots until the pregnancy test which will be 10-12 days after our transfer!

{{{Disclaimer! Obviously we are hoping that all will continue smoothly and we will get pregnant. However, we have not decided how soon we wish to share the news of whether or not we are successful.  So please, be patient as we try to figure all that out! 😉 }}}

Ahh!!! This is starting to feel so real!! I’m so excited about all of this, but feel this peace as well! It is so nice to know that no matter the outcome, Gad has His hand in this!

Hopefully my next update will be sooner that later!



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