Mississippi (Part 1): Family, Graduation, and Sno Cones

I recently took a wonderful two week vacation to go back home for my sister Hannah’s graduation! I’m so proud of her! She graduated top of her class and was also voted most beautiful, most funny, most likely to succeed,  most athletic, and most handsome…wait. what? Oh yeah, she was homeschooled! 😉

Moving on from my lame attempt at a joke, I really am proud of her! She was a very diligent student and got a full scholarship to a local college where she will be pursuing an arts degree in the fall.

A huge event like a graduation is a great time to visit since I get to see a lot of people at one time! I was able to visit with friends and family I hadn’t seen since my wedding! I even bumped into a kid i used to babysit who is now TALLER than me! (Granted, that’s not hard to do, I’m only taller than my youngest sibling now…Its sad 😉 )

Without further ado, PICTURES!


The planes into and out of Mississippi are sooo tiny!


My/Mom’s mini dachshund, Dolly!


I love these next few pictures of E. 😀 I asked her to sing “First Time in Forever” while I took pictures…

IMG_7207IMG_7208 IMG_7211 IMG_7215 IMG_7216


Dolly cracks me up! She has created little beds/burrows all throughout the house.


She seems to have forgiven me for leaving


The balloon arch! These things are waaay harder to put together than one might think based on the instructions


Dad’s birthday cake


We were going to put all 51 30 candles on Dad’s cake, but ‘someone’ got tired halfway through…


Nessa, Jo, Hannah, Me, and LA – Love these girls!

IMG_7234 IMG_7257

LA, Hannah, Nessa, and I getting the best Sno Cones in the WORLD! Seriously, I have yet to find a better place ANYWHERE!


The Sno Cone Gang


So yummy!

IMG_7244 IMG_7245 IMG_7246  IMG_7254


What do you mean this is the end of part one?!?

Beach post coming soon! 😉


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