Resolve to Know More – Encouragement

354a09577f2306fc3a434f18057ed275Despite attempts to keep one’s sense of humor, there are times when all you need to do is cry.

After Paul and I first got our Infertility diagnosis, I felt so alone. It seemed like everyone I knew was getting pregnant… No one knew how I felt and I didn’t know how to tell people. Honestly there are still days where I don’t know what I’m feeling, just that I AM feeling. Thankfully, my husband and family are there for me when I need to cry, and I appreciate that more than they know.

I need to talk about it, its who I am, but I don’t want to make others feel bad for having children or telling me they’re expecting. These blog posts sum up so many feelings that I have experienced in a much better way than I ever could!

This was one of the first blog posts I ever read once we knew we were infertile, and it still brings me to tears. This man managed to put into words feelings I didn’t even realize I had.

This, YES. Please, read this!
As for pregnancy announcements, Mother’s Day, and baby showers…Please don’t exclude me, but be understanding if I can’t come. If you are pregnant and we are close, I appreciate being told either in person with no one else around or via text. (That way I know before it goes on FB-I don’t feel left out and feel like I’m a part of your life, but I have time to process it.) As far as baby showers and birthday parties go, I am happy for you and want to celebrate with you! Please, let me decide what I can and can’t handle. 🙂 Because honestly, it can vary day to day.

Both this and the one above are by my friend Chelsea. We originally met on Instagram only because she was organizing a gift exchange with multiple ladies who are currently battling or recently overcame infertility, but she has become one of my heroes. The grace and honesty she and her husband Josh portray as they battle infertility is inspiring! I love the online community she has helped cultivate-the support and understanding is amazing!




4 thoughts on “Resolve to Know More – Encouragement

  1. Your words have touched and blessed my heart this morning! I am so inspired by you and appreciate your writing so much. So glad that we can be a support to one another! You are simply wonderful!

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