Does It Get Better?

I was recently talking to a newly married friend’s mom and during our conversation I remarked that I would love to tell her daughter leaving her family gets easier, but it doesn’t. That got me to thinking…is what I said true?

In some respects it is. It sucks to live so far away from my family. I miss them. I miss talking to my mom and shopping with my sister. I miss not having to do all the chores and the noise of someone always being around. I cry every time I have to leave my family (or they leave) to come home.

That said, I wouldn’t trade being married for anything! I love being a wife! Sure, being an adult and having all these responsibilities can suck, but I have grown and learned so much. Plus, I REALLY like my husband! 😉 Also, it has been good for us to live away from both of our families. It has forced us to depend on each other and to work things through on our own. It also makes our visits with family that much sweeter! 🙂

So, back to my question, ‘does it get easier?’ I’d have to say yes, yes it does. It is easier to shop by myself now, it is easier to drive around this strange, huge city without a GPS, it has become easier to hang out at the house by myself and find things to stay busy. I cry a little less when I leave Mississippi. I cook, clean, menu plan, work, hang out with friends, go to the doctor, etc. – All these thing terrified me to do by myself when I first moved here! I have managed to create a life here in a place that to years ago was as foreign to me as a different country! I have learned a lot about myself by being out of my comfort zone, and doing new things has become natural.

I wish to retract my statement.

To all you new brides living hours or days away from ‘home’, I want you to know this – It is still hard to be away and I still miss my friends and family back home, but it does indeed get better. Use this time to solidify and define your marriage and to grow closer to your husband and God. Be involved in your church, look for like minded friends and make an effort to get together! Enjoy being able to cook whatever you like! 😉 Marriage and living in a new town is an adventure!  Embrace it!


One thought on “Does It Get Better?

  1. Sounds. Like you have matured into a very responsible and mature young lady but I must tell you, YOU are missed and still loved dearly

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