What to Wear?

Why is getting ready in the mornings so hard? My husband can be totally ready in less than 15 minutes, yet it takes me over an hour to get ready to go somewhere. (Sigh…I’m working on getting faster)

I think a good portion of this time is spent trying to figure out what to wear, and if it is modest. More often than not, I’ll pick out an outfit, out it on,  then decide it is too tight, short, shows too much cleavage, etc and change. Why I don’t just rid myself of those clothes, I don’t know.

I know so many people have different “definitions” of what is modest~Finger-tip length for shorts, knee length for skirts/dresses, sleeves, no necklines below your collarbone, etc.

Before we establish a list of what we should and should not wear, let’s evaluate our goals for when we dress.

I personally want to honor God, my husband, and not be a stumbling block to others.
(note: I should totally frame those goals in my closet~often I wish to dress based on what I think others will think of me vs what God and Paul think)

Due to these goals, I have found this website to be a really wonderful tool.
(note: there is a petition on the main page of The Modesty Survey; I found my husband’s signature on it! That was 6 years ago! Anyway, I found that really cool. 🙂 )

From the website: The Modesty Survey is an exciting, anonymous discussion between Christian guys and girls who care about modesty. Hundreds of Christian girls contributed to the 148-question survey and over 1,600 Christian guys submitted 150,000+ answers, including 25,000 text responses, over a 20-day period in January 2007.

I love this because we get an idea of what goes on inside a guy’s head. My parents would often ask me not to wear certain clothes, but this explains the “why we shouldn’t wear those clothes”

What resources do you like when it comes to modesty and what we should wear?


One thought on “What to Wear?

  1. Wow! That’s a big question. In addition to what I wear I know that it’s a heart issue. I am constantly needing to evaluate my heart and my mind as I choose what to wear and as I see what the world around me wears. At age 35, I am finally coming to terms with the fact that as I dress in a way that pleases my Lord and my husband, I cannot lose. My heart and mind will follow as I strive to honor my husband. I finally did manage to get rid of some things that I saved for who knows what reason….that was tough….I realized that if I was really changed, I would not need those items. It is a daily walk as the Lord speaks to us individually, but I know that as we do our best to please God, He will be honored.

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