30 Day Godly Femininity Challenge

It all started as I decided to wear a skirt this morning… I thought to myself, “Self, you should wear skirts more often. Why don’t you?”

Once upon a time, many years ago, I started wearing my clothing tighter and started desiring to wear immodest clothes. My dad, being wise and seeing where my heart was heading, asked my mom, me and my sisters to wear only skirts or dresses until such a time as he saw fit. I obeyed, but i was NOT happy about it. I was fearful people would think I was strange or weird or that I would look ugly.

As time went on, I began to grow to like wearing skirts. I discovered some cute outfits I never knew I had, and realized that when others saw me in a skirt, they saw a lady vs a girl. I had way more doors held for me and things carried during that time period. I felt very feminine. I also learned that skirts really don’t hinder ones actions in any way.

Now, mind you, I have nothing against jeans (I wear jeans and sweat pants all the time), but I enjoy challenging myself, so I decided to go thirty days wearing mostly skirts and dresses. (I have no desire to work out in a skirt…)

During this time, I’d like to evaluate what it means to be modest and feminine in today’s world. I’m hoping to get some godly friends to either join me in this challenge or to perhaps guest post or lend their ideas.

If you would like to join the Femininity Challenge (April 1-30), feel free to join in at any point. It doesn’t have to be for a month, it can be for any portion of time that u=you would like. You also don’t have to wear skirts, maybe you already do that, or you feel like that sends the message that you can only be feminine in a skirt (not true) then you can just be sure to dress modestly and act in a feminine way.

Have fun, and I hope we are all able to learn something through this.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Godly Femininity Challenge

  1. Cool..my girls and I will join you…actually about a week ago God began to speak to my heart regarding this topic. I can’t stand being thought of as legalistic, so I resisted a bit, but when Steve and I began to talk more in depth about it, he said that he actually prefers for me to wear a skirt that is at least past my knees and not tight…instead of pants or shorts…of course underneath there is always proper undergarments etc…. But anyway, I have been doing a lot of research on this topic and its amazing how many people do wear skirts and a lot of them are “normal” believers who have come to realize that sometimes wearing pants and shorts can be an issue and they choose to wear skirts past the knee or longer for a number of reasons…like: not to offend or cause men to be tempted, to feel more feminine, to not have to put a pair of pants or shorts on and the first thing they do is look in the mirror and wonder how their butt looks in the pants…I personally would rather wear a beautiful skirt than a baggy pair of pants….and I had to check my motives when I was wearing snug pants…I wanted to look good in my pants…I feel ashamed that my motives were sometimes worldly…even as a believer, but at least I am trying now to be led by God and my hubby concerning this and I am thankful…not to mention I feel a lot more free from competition with the world…we are supposed to be lights, I hope that I can humbly be one in this situation and others. I also hope that anyone who reads this understands that I would never judge them and their walk concerning this, this is just where God is leading me personally.

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