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This was Supposed to be Friday’s Update…

It appears to have been over two weeks since I last posted.


Since one of my resolutions for 2013 is to blog more, I figured I would give myself “themes” for certain days of the week. Starting tomorrow, I intend to have “Music Mondays”, “Workout Wednesdays”, and “Free Fridays”.

This is how its gonna work:

“Music Mondays” ~ Pretty self explanatory, I will post a different song from youtube every Monday and may or may not talk about it. I realize this isn’t super original, but I love music (I mean, who doesn’t?) and want to share songs that mean something to me with you.

WARNING: Paul & I send each other songs. We sent a lot to each other during our courtship and engagement. Thus, some of my MM posts will be super sappy. 🙂

“Workout Wednesdays” ~ This is another way to keep myself on track with my resolutions. I’m trying to workout more, and will post my progress on Wednesdays, as well as some encouragement and who knows what else workout related. If you are working out, feel free to offer links to cool workouts, songs, your progress, encouragement, or whatever in the comments. I want us to all help each other out!

“Free Fridays” ~ Basically, I get to post whatever I want. 😉 (Bwahahaha!) This might be a picture I found funny, life updates, lyrics, pictures, who knows. I will be continuing with the hexipuff updates for the rest of the year, so these will always be on Fridays.

Do you notice anything different with my blog? No? That’s okay…I’ll forgive you! If you look at the right hand side of my blog, you may notice two new widgets! Please, if you love me, like The Fuzzy Kiwi on FaceBook, and Check out the Etsy store! 😉 You know you want to…

Speaking of Etsy stores, do any of my readers have one? If so, please leave your link in the comments! I’d love to check them out!

In other news…my Warby Parker glasses came! I love them!


My hexipuff yarn also arrived! I’m in love with the colors.


Speaking of hexipuffs… HEXIPUFF UPDATE!
(sorry for the poor quality of the pics…you can only do so much with an iPhone)


45 Hexipuffs! I have more than doubled my stash in two weeks! Yay! (Only 555 more to go…)


I’m in love with This Curtain from mod cloth, but I can’t justify spending $50.00 on a shower curtain. So… I’m going to do the next best thing. Sea Monster bathroom, anyone? If anyone has ideas on how to go about doing this, I’d love to hear them!


What do you think of the changes? How was your week?



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