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Knitting Update…and Some Other Stuff!

So, things have been pretty calm around these here parts 😉 Vacation has been good to us. Work starts back monday, and I’m looking forward to it! I miss the sweet girl I watch!

In the meantime, Paul and I went to the Armed Forces Bowl with some friends! It was so much fun, even though Air Force lost…


This was the Best. Cookie. Ever. We got it a the “Czech Stop” on the way home from the game. 😀IMG_2786

I also got some knitting done! I made this head band to wear New Year’s Eve. I will be making some for my shop soon!


I finally finished the pillow for our bedroom! photo-1

I’m getting new glasses! One of my friends recommended Warby Parker to me. It seems like a really cool program. They have a home try-on program where you pick five frames you like, they send them to you, you keep them for five days (so you can get a good feel for them and get friends’ opinions) the you put the prepaid label on and send them back! My five frames showed up today, so I thought I’d show you! (sorry for the bad selfless 😉 )  The frames seem like really good quality, and when you do pick out your pair, it is only $95.00 WITH LENSES! I still can’t believe it! (I shopped around a lot, and all the frames i liked were over $100.00 by themselves!) Also, I had to call customer service because they forgot to send me a shipping notice, and their customer service rep was super helpful!

The frames have been worn by others trying them on, so they may be a little bent.IMG_2819

The Sibley


My personal favorite, the Fitz


The Zagg. (For some reason, though I found these to be kinda cute and nerdy, they reminded me of BCGs)


The Thompson


The Reynold


A cute little flow chart of how it works. Oh! Did I mention, for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need?!?


Hexipuff Update! I’ve made a little progress on my hexipuffs. I just ordered some new yarn for them that should be here later next week. I can’t wait! I LOVE getting new yarn!


I hope 2013 has been good to you so far!



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